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(Polski) Informacja do Dyplomantów

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(Polski) Przepisywanie ocen – sesja zimowa

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(Polski) Prawoznawstwo – oddanie prac

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(Polski) Ezgamin z przedmiotu “Teoria Planowania Przestrzennego”

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Cancelled class

Dear students,

Unfortunately, tomorrow’s (09.01.2020) Urban Design of City Centres class is cancelled. The class scheduled for next week (16.01.2020) will take place as planned. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
Yours sincerely,
A52 staff

Post-workshop exhibition – Bukowno2019

IMG_3723 IMG_3724

On the 18th of December 2019, the City Renewal Division hosted the opening of the post-workshop exhibition featuring projects prepared by students participating in the Erasmus programme. The exhibition was devoted to the Revitalisation of the Abandoned Chapel of St. Barbara in Bukowno. The A52 Division was honoured to host, among others, dr hab. Monika Bogdanowska, the Lesser Poland Voivodeship Heritage Conservator, dr inż. arch. Kinga Racoń-Leja, the vice-dean of the Faculty of Architecture, dr inż. arch. Monika Gołąb-Korzeniowska, vice-director of the Institute of City and Regional Design, the editor-in-chief of the “Nasza Politechnika” magazine Lesław Peters and an international group of students who participated in the workshop.


The projects that have been put on exhibition were prepared as a part of the “Urban Revitalization” module, whose chief instructor is dr hab. inż. arch. Bogusław Podhalański. The original idea to organise the workshop, which was to focus on providing a new perspective of the desacralised chapel of St. Barbara in Bukowno, emerged spontaneously during a visit to the Mine of Knowledge exhibition hosted by the ZGH Bolesław Mining and Metallurgy Plant in Bukowno. The area of Olkusz and Bolesław has been associated with mining zinc and lead ore for centuries. Due to the fact that the deposits of this ore are nearing depletion, the plant is on the cusp of ending its mining operations. The aforementioned exhibition is meant to honour and give due respect to the community of miners and metalworkers, as well as to preserve the memory associated with the traditional industrial operations in the region. IMG_3724 IMG_3726 IMG_3727 IMG_3728


The chapel of St. Barbara in Bukowno is a building associated with the veneration of St. Barbara. It was probably founded by miners from the nearby “Ulises” and “Jerzy” mines, who devoted the chapel to their patron saint—St. Barbara.

The overarching idea behind the workshop was to provide a fresh perspective of the building and its immediate surroundings and, as a result, to design a new function for it, rooted in the context of the place and local tradition.

The workshop was organised by a team under the direction of dr hab. inż. arch. Bogusław Podhalański and mgr inż. arch. Olga Kania. We would like to express our thanks to the Vogt of the Municipality of Bolesław Krzysztof Dudziński and the parish priest of the local Roman Catholic Congregation Fr Sylwester Kulka, for their contribution to the organisation of the workshop. We would also like to thank dr inż. arch. Łukasz Łukaszewski, mgr Bartłomiej Sroka, mgr inż. arch. Szymon Usydus and mgr inż. arch. Krzysztof Barnaś for their support and contribution.


Urban Revitalization

Dear Students,

the lecture scheduled for 19.12 is hereby cancelled.
We would like to thank You for participating in the workshop and invite You to attend the opening of its associated exhibition. The opening will be attended by the Voivodeship Heritage Conservator, who would like to share Her opinion of Your work with You.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of You! See You during the class on the 9th of January 2020.
Those of You who have not submitted a workshop project will be taking a written examination.

(Polski) Teoria i zasady projektowania miast – wyniki

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Bukowno2019 Workshop


Dear Students,

Thank You for Your interest. Those of You who have signed our list will soon receive a detailed programme of the trip.
During next week’s Urban Revitalization lecture, You will be presented with an overview of and an introduction to the subject of the workshop – the site, the context and the issues You will be facing during the task.
Below You will find a template for the poster that will be the result of Your work during the Bukowno2019 workshop.
Stay Tuned,


Notice to ERASMUS students attending the Urban Design of City Centers module [CAD map]

Dear students,

We have successfully obtained CAD maps of your sites for the Urban Design of City Centers module. However, we have also been informed by the City Hall Surveying Department that we cannot simply post the map to our site for all to download freely because of licensing requirements. Therefore, we would like to ask You to select one person from each group and have that person write us an e-mail to our contact address: kontakt@a52.pl with a request and we will send the maps to those persons via a reply as soon as possible.

Please note that the maps are for educational use only and may not be shared with persons who are not currently studying at the Cracow University of Technology.

Kind regards,

Krzysztof Barnaś


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