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Spatial planning – important information about deadlines and defences

The submission deadline for Spatial Planning course design theses has been changed to 27.06, 12:00.
Theses submitted after this deadline will not be graded during the June session.
Defences of design theses for the Spatial Planning course will be held on 20.06.
Please do not print your theses. Instead, prepare presentations that can be displayed with a projector.

(Polski) Planowanie przestrzenne – oddanie projektów, obrony


(Polski) Warsztaty projektowe w Bochni

Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish.

Final course design submission

Dear students,

We would like to remind You that on 3.02.2017 (Warszawska 24, room 401) you are required to deliver your projects.

More information below.


Drodzy studenci,

Przypominamy o ostatecznym terminie oddania projektów – 3.02.2017 (ul.Warszawska,pok. 401).

Poniżej załączamy plik ze szczegółowymi informacjami.





Last review

Dear students,

Review that had place on 12th of January was obligatory – being absent without having special medical leave or other kind of justification means getting 2.0 mark.

There is also third (and last) Review on 26th of January merged with your project’s defenses. Not to mention you are requried to attend and give a presentation of your fully finished projects (all of the boards are needed).

2nd review

Dear Students,

We would like to remind You that Your design review is due on the 12th of January at 11:00. The review will be attended by a guest – dr hab. inż. arch. K. Pluta. Each of You, regardless of whether your design thesis is finished or not, is required to attend and give a presentation of your conceptual design. Your are also required to bring with You Your analysis presentations so that You can fully explain Your design choices. You are all required to deliver a presentation and be present until the end of the review session.

2’nd review – Spatial & Regional Planning

Dear students! We have a very special guest for you for Thursday’ review – D.SC.PhD eng. architect Krzysztof Kafka, specialist of Spatial Management, Spatial Planning and city management.

Please, notice that the review will start at 1 p.m., but you have to be there much earlier, to upload your presentation (during the presentation panel, there will be no time to upload it, so we need to prepare everything much earlier). One presentation has to take 10 minutes maximum, and has to contain: regional studies (do not forget about conclusions), regional development idea, existing land use+local studies (don’t forget about conclusions), local development idea and some first idea of the city development project (idea of spatial plan of the city). And last but not least: check your presentation and pen-drive twice, to be sure there are no viruses etc.

Spatial Planning- 2’nd review

Dear students! Please notice that second review is OBLIGATORY! We ask You for short digital presentation of: regional studies, regional development idea, existing land use, local studies, local development idea and some first idea of the city development project(idea of spatial plan of the city). There is no possibility to present the project “next time” or “later”. Please, remember, if you do not present your project of 1’st of December, there is no possibility to pass the course, and you need to repeat all course next year!

Spatial Planning – legends

  1. Dear Students,

The legend that is contained in the file attached to this post is meant to be a framework that You can expand or alter should You so choose and is by no means definitive. You can add Your own symbols or change the existing ones, as well as expand the legend to include new items based on Your own specific design task. You can also alter the colours that are used in the legend if You feel that a different set of colours would be better for presentation purposes.






DWG version



Spatial Planning & Regional Planning

Spatial Planning and Regional Planning schedule you can find here.

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