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D. Sc. PhD eng. architect Bogusław Podhalański






  • 2014 – DSc, Cracow University of Technology
    1993 – PhD, Cracow University of Technology
    1986 – Postgraduate Studies on Historical Monuments Conservation
    1981 – Postgraduate Studies on Spatial Planning
    1978 – MSc eng. architect – Cracow University of Technology
  • Teaching experience in 3 universities: Cracow University of Technology, Academy of Economics, Academy of Fine Arts. Leaded subjects: Urban design, Spatial planning, Building law, Building economics and management, Diploma design.
  • Professional experience:
    partner in IPG Ltd design office, designer of: commercial centers, sport buildings, single and multifamily housing, churches, harbours, etc. (1991 – now),
    Cracow Development Office, assistant designer, spatial planner’s practice (1986-1987),
    Interwalor Ltd., building practice (1987-1990).
  • Creative work and research at Insitute of Environmental Planning, Cracow 197.
  • Till 2015 published over 60 papers, eg. Integrated Planning of City Development, Istitute of Urban Development in 2011 (book, coauthor) and Spatial Local Planning, Know-How Found in 1995 (book, cooperation).
  • Over 60 presentations in country and international conferences.
  • Over 20 awards and mentions in architectural and urban competitions, eg. Prize of Director of Institute of Environmental Planning (group), CUT Rector’s prize, prize of Royal Capital City Kraków (group).
  • Exhibitions of architectural design in Malopolska Chamber of Architects.
  • Lectures and presentations in Polish Academy of Science,  Cracow and Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Cracow.
  • Secretary of Society of Polish Planners, Cracow 1984.
  • Member of Faculty of Architecture Council since 2008, Member of Society of Polish Architects since 1978, Member of Society of Polish Planners since 1981, Member of International Society of City and Regional Planners 1997-2000, Member of Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils 1997-2000, Member of European Council for the Village and Small Town 1990-1992.
  • Member of Chamber of Architects, Chamber of Planners (until its liquidation), Chamber of Engineers.


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